Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – University of California

My friend Kathie Dreher recently took Minion “Aggie” to a very important event at the University of California Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital. She sent me a whole bunch of pictures of Aggie’s adventure. I will let Kathie fill you in on the details below. (Click on any of the thumbnails to see a full-sized image.)Continue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – University of California”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Houston

Minion Tuxedo Alexandra was dispatched to Houston, Texas under the care of Rikki Raflo. Rikki has sent some lovely photos of Alexandra’s adventure at the Friends For Life Shelter. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized image. I’ll let Rikki give you the guided tour: The Dream Team welcomes Minion Alexandra to Friends forContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Houston”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Hollywood

My friend Sandra Hitt recently took a trip to Hollywood, California.   She took a Mini Stan Minion along for the journey and got some great photos of his adventure. I’ll let Sandra explain what each photo is about. Check it out: (click on any thumbnail to see the full-sized photo) Here is Stan atContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Hollywood”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Alberta Update

My good friend Diana from Calgary has sent me another batch of photos from Alberta. I LOVE getting pictures of the mountains!!! I’ll let Diana fill you in: (click on any thumbnail to see a full-sized image) When I ordered another minion, I had fully intended it to be gift for a friend, but whenContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Alberta Update”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Palm Springs, California

You may remember Melanie from her skiing photo in Prince George, BC.   Little Melanie is currently enjoying a golfing vacation in Palm Springs, California. She was busy on the course today.   She reluctantly had to get prickles in her rear while trying to see where her tee off went. The things you have toContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Palm Springs, California”